The Materials

With the aim to manufacture high performance components, H.T.C. has developed materials that can satisfy different applications.


Alox G – Alumina 96% (brown) for circulating pump shafts.Learn More

AloxC / AloxCP

Alox C – Alumina 99% (white) for medium and high pressure pistons and Alox CP – Alumina 99% (white) ideal for monocommand disks for taps and fittings.Learn More


Alox R – Alumina 98.5% (pink) for components with thermal fluctuation resistance.Learn More


The materials H.T.C. are the result of research aimed at providing products with high performance. The know-how has enabled us to develop formulations and materials with superior physical properties, which meet the needs and the particular use of ceramic.Learn More


Zircox-M is an advanced zirconia powder. The presence of a particular doping agent allows to obtain sintered in a controlled microstructure with high resistance to thermal shock.Learn More


ZircAlox is a ZTA composite material, with superior strength, toughness and wear resistance when compared to conventional Alumina.Learn More