Our strong points: Manufacturing and High Competence

Our long experience gained over the years means we guarantee the production of high quallity iso-pressed and injection moulded ceramic components.

Manufacturing flexibility to assist our customers in developing prototypes and small pre-production volumes, guaranteing short lead-times.

Checking the development both of basic formulations and of production of ceramic elements made with:

  • Allumiina 99%
  • Alumiina 98% (white and pink)
  • Alumiina 96% (brown)
  • Yttrium-stabilised Zirconium
  • Magnesium-stabilised Zirconium
  • Zirconia Alumina composites

The CNC machines, used for the mechanical finishing, allow us to manage tolerances to the micron in the finished component in terms of dimensions, shape and surface. The final check carried out by our laboratory, through UV analysis and precision instruments, guarantees the respect of the specifications and the fiinal quality of the product for our customers.


H.T.C. produces pistons and metering systems with a high content of alumina. On request we can provide pistons fitted with metal parts according to customer requirements. Learn More

Volumetric Pump

H.T.C. Complete pump body produces high alumina content with micrometric tolerances of the different components. Learn More


H.T.C. produces components in Zirconia for the market of drawing machines. The extreme hardness of the material, excellent physical and mechanical properties and the perfect surface finish are a guarantee for parts with high performance.Learn More


Past time H.T.C. introduced new products related to the field of foundry and die casting, with materials included in the range of ceramics with low base of aluminium  titanium (Al2TiO5).Learn More

Other Products

H.T.C. Produces rings zirconium oxide used in the production of hermetically sealed ink and a wide range of components in alumina, Particularly seals, nozzles, insulators electro-technical applications: such as pumps, high vacuum and power converterLearn More