With the aim to manufacture high performance components, H.T.C. has developed materials that can satisfy different applications.

Zircox-Y is a PSZ Zirconium, stabilised Y2O3, specific for seals for pumps sector and where high mechanical resistance is requested.

Denomination Trades Zircox-Y
Type of Materials ZrO2 - Y2O3
General Properties
Bulk density (g/cm3) 6,04
Porosity % 0
Gas permeability 0
Mechanical Properties
Flexural strenght 20°C Mpa 1000
Compressive strenght Mpa 2200
Young Modulus (dinamic) Gpa 210
Hardness Vickers HV10 1250
Roughness Ra (obtainable) microm < 0,08
Thermal and Elettrical Properties
Thermal conductivity 20-100°C W/mk 2,5
Linear thermal expansion coeff. 20-400 °C 10-6 K-1 10,4
Specific Heat 20-100°CKJ/KgK 0,4
Maximum temperature of exercise (without load)
Oxidating atmosphere °C 1000
Reducing atmosphere 1000