Zircox-M is an innovative compound. The presence of a specific dopant agent confers to manufacture a controlled microstructure and high resistance to thermalical shock.
Its extreme strength, excellent surface finish and chemical product inertness are all factors that reduce the level of impact of the die and improve wire quality.
Zircox-M is your essential component for hot extrusion and wire drawing equipment.

Denomination Trades Zircox-M
Type of Materials ZrO2 - MgO
General Properties
Bulk density (g/cm3) 5,7
Porosity % 0
Gas permeability 0
Mechanical Properties
Flexural strenght 20°C Mpa 500
Compressive strenght Mpa 1600
Young Modulus (dinamic) Gpa 210
Hardness Vickers HV10 1000
Roughness Ra (obtainable) microm < 0,10
Thermal and Elettrical Properties
Thermal conductivity 20-100°C W/mk 3
Linear thermal expansion coeff. 20-400 °C 10-6 K-1 10,2
Specific Heat 20-100°CKJ/KgK 0,4
Maximum temperature of exercise (without load)
Oxidating atmosphere °C 850
Reducing atmosphere 850