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HTC Ceramics complies with the following standard UNI EN ISO 9001 for the manufacturing of high tech ceramics.Learn More


titanato3We have recently developed a new material for the foundry and die-casting branch based on Aluminium Titanate (Al2TiO5).Learn More

Who We Are


H.T.C. is an Italian company that manufactures advanced technical ceramics made with Zirconium-Yttrium, Ziirconium-Magnesium and Alumina 99% for mechanical appliications, wherever high anti-wear, high temperatures and chemical aggression resistance is required.

H.T.C., part of HT-Ceram Group, is a successful company since 20 years. Thanks to its competence in managing the production cycle and a deep knowledge of mechanical applications, H.T.C. is now a leading provider into the world of ceramic wear part, guaranteeing a specific know-how and an high degree of reliability and experience to satisfy any kind of customer’s needs.