Aluminum titanate

H.T.C. S.r.l. is an Italian company in continuos development and present on the market of technical ceramics.

Past time H.T.C. introduced new products related to the field of foundry and die casting, with materials included in the range of ceramics with low base of aluminium  titanium (Al2TiO5). These materials are particularly valid for the industry of non-ferrous melted  metals thanks to their technical peculiarities:

-  High resistance to thermal shock: it increases the durability of the products;

-  High resistance to chemical attack: it increases the durability of the product and thanks to the absence of degrading agents it improves production quality;

-  Low thermal conductivity: it contributes to the energy efficiency of the leakage process;

-  Low probability of bathing: it inhibits the adherence of the metal with the result of an easier cleaning and better efficiency of the system.

H.T.C. S.r.l. presents itself to all new potential customers with the excellent quality that always marks its products.

Here are some application examples of Aluminium Titanate; dosing tubes for dosing furnace, riser tubes for low-pressure die casting, stoppers for flow control of molten masses, crucibles and cups for pouring the molten metal into the tool, bushings etc.