In recent years, advanced technical ceramics has been the core study in countless sectors that led to the replacement of old materials with ceramics. What has always distinguished HTCCERAMICS is its professionalism, experience and utmost commitment in the design phase. Readiness and post-sales, innovation and propensity 4.0 have always increased its competitiveness worldwide.


Over the past two years, HTC Ceramics has found a cutting-edge response especially in new applications/sectors, including food and cosmetics, creating ceramic dosing units of various shapes and materials, with high precision couplings.

The dentistry sector is a continuous discovery and research. The idea is to create products that are primarily aesthetic-friendly and that make the most of the characteristics of ceramics such as biocompatibility.

Over time, the industrial and automotive sectors have found the right answer to such requirements in small, customised components and through ad hoc projects.

Ceramics have also been a remarkable discovery in the renewable energy sector. In fact, a very small component has been studied, able to isolate and conduct energy, especially in solar panels. It is and industry that has always exploited other materials until some time ago but that now, whether due to trend or to truly technical needs, is addressing to ceramics.

The pharmaceutical sector, always side by side advanced technical ceramics, is currently showing interest in the micro-grinding of powders.

HTCCERAMICS has also introduced an advanced 4.0 optical control robot and state-of-the-art technologies that provide greater flexibility, accuracy and speed.

REDCO CERAMICS has instead drawn the attention of pellet stoves manufacturers – a field that had never came into business with the Bergamo Company before 2017.

It appears, in fact, that ceramic micro-conductors give rise to greater results compared to traditional production techniques. These are the latest generation of Stoves, able to respond to the needs of the end consumer that are ever more demanding.