The ceramic pistons are one of the main applications for HTC.
The decision to use a ceramic piston is often linked to its extraordinary features:

- Outstanding performance even at medium and high pressures;
- Anti-wear feature;
- Resistance to acids and abrasives;
- Chemically inertia
- Compatibility with foods, drugs and cosmetics thanks to no release of material
- High-precision dosing
- Low maintenance request and extremely long life
- Possibility of working at high temperatures, including cleaning and hot sterilization that does not require disassembly
- Absolute impermeability
- Low friction coefficient

These peculiarities make them irreplaceable in some applications: high-pressure pumps, dosing pumps in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, pumps for corrosive liquids, etc.
The main application fields are the following:

- cleansing at medium and high pressure
- Chemical and petroleum
- Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
- Pulp and Paper
- Water treatment systems with osmotic process
- high precision cut
- Agriculture, irrigation