When it comes to Wire, what do we refer to?

In our field, the word Wire refers to all those ceramic components that are used in the wire drawing machines.

For this application we use a particularly tenacious material with high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, our Zircox that can be toughened Yttrium or Magnesium .


What are the examples of application and what are the advantages of Zircox-Y and Zircox-M ?

These materials give the product excellent chemical and mechanical resistance thus ensuring a long operating life. In practical terms this means a reduction of maintenance interventions and therefore of plant stoppages . Moreover, the structure of these powders allows an optimal sintering that allows to reach levels of roughness close to 0 .

Among the various products of the sector we can list:

• Rollers and Drawing Cones

• Capstans

• Rings and shafts for copper plating baths

• Pulleys with ceramic insert

What will be the next Wire trade show ?

Soon, from 7 to 11 April! The exhibition will be held in Dusseldorf with 1,300 exhibitors and  more than 38,000 expected visitors. We will sure be there!