Over the years HTC CERAMICS has developed new products for foundries and die-castings.
Titalox is one of the HTC leading products.

What is Titalox ?
Aluminum titanate is a material that is used in foundries and die-castings, particularly in the industry of molten and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum and bronze .

What are the key strenghts of Titalox ?
The technical features are:
- High resistance to thermal shock : it increases the durability of the product.
- Titalox has a low wettability and this allows an easy cleaning and the operational readiness of the product;
- Titalox improves the quality of the article as it contains no degraded products , and therefore it improves the high resistance against chemical attacks;
- It has a very low thermal conductivity , and this aspect affects the efficiency of the process of casting.

What is the finished product that best defines the distinctive plus points of Titalox ?
An application example are the cups, that you can see on the left , which are used to draw the molten metal at high temperature. Another example are the dosing tubes that lift and lead the molten metal into the mold.

Which companies are interested in this type of product?
The clientele consists of companies that build furnaces, who are generally foreign as well as companies that deal with spare parts and end-users themselves .