A positive 2012 A first quarter in 2013 that confirms the trend and allows to look towards the medium term with optimism. Piero Massimo Cristini outlines the path for the next years

Valerio Germanico

«Having Germany as the main market of reference is the instrumental factor for our growth». The aforementioned is the reason that Piero Massimo Cristini, CEO of Htc, Ht-Ceram Group Company, provides balanced economic goals for 2012. As well as positive development forecasts for the next three years. The group consists of various companies specialised in the manufacturing of technical industrial ceramics. Among these Htc looks first to the market of ceramic applications for mechanical use and those areas in which high performance levels are required for wear and tear, temperature and chemical , temperature and chemical contamination. While another group company, Redco, has achieved a high level of qualification on the ceramic applications market for electro technical use.



CAPTION: Piero Massimo Cristini, CEO of Htc Srl in Corte Franca (BS), Group company of Ht-Ceram   www.ht-ceram.com       www.htc-ceramics.com www.redco-ceramics.com

Your results are influenced above all by export. What is the overall scenario?

«We are experiencing quite a happy period notwithstanding the national economic trend. In fact, the greater part of our market is aimed at Germany – that, as it is well known, is a country that is suffering less in comparison to us with regard to the economic downturn. However, we also have partners in other European countries, other than Italy, such as Austria, Switzerland, England and Spain. Our drive towards internationalisation was influenced by the inclusion of a new figure within the company,completely dedicated to the research of new markets. Currently, both in Italy and abroad, we have various projects that are materialising – all aimed at niche markets that require very particular performance».

What are the main applications which are reflected in your ceramic solutions?

«As Htc we mainly follow the field of high and medium pressure pistons, the wire and foundry sectors, for which we manufacture, in particular, artefacts in titanate, high performance material for these applications. Ceramics adapt very well to numerous other applications that range from mechanical seals to fittings for industrial use, as well as in the food, cosmetic and medical sectors».

What markets and sectors to Redco look to?

«The company – manufacturing almost exclusively special ceramics for insulation, which find application in heating elements and cartridges – caters mainly to markets in Italy, Spain, France and Germany. This company, until two, three years ago had as its reference market exclusively the domestic market, while today it exports 30 percent of its production, hence closing in on the Htc numbers, which has already reached an export of 50 percent».

What type of added value did catering to more industrial sectors and a wide range of markets represent to you?

«Other than the economic results, which allowed us to move forward with greater stability, having aimed at various sectors, distributed over various national realities, gave us greater visibility and credibility on an international level. We are in fact working to reinvest this wealth of expertise and image in markets outside of Europe, initiating contacts with partners in various developing Countries».

What are the prospects and objectives for the medium term?

«In light of the positive trend during the first quarter of the year, we foresee an increase of the yearly turnover by at least 10-15 percent for the next three years. This upward trend will be dictated by both the strengthening of relations with existing partners, the start of relationships with new clients, with whom we have already made ​​significant samples that will soon become real products».